Katja Beer

Nice of you to drop by

I am not quite sure how to start this website. My goal is not only to give you the appropriate information about my schedule, places of performance, concerts, upcoming projects, education, clothing and shoe sizes - I would also like to be visible through all these facts as a normal human being (as normal as a soprano can get, anyway...)

That seems to be kind of difficult because I have no clue at all WHO is reading this right now!! Is it a potential employer who urgently searches for a clever soprano to 'jump in' for somebody who has fallen ill? Who heard my name being recommended as someone very reliable under stressful circumstances? (oh yes, check my c.v.!) Or might it be a colleague who got mixed up as to my whereabouts between Riga, Santiago de Chile and Minden/Westfalen???

A fellow schoolmate from physics or music major class who is curious what became of the girl who couldn't decide whether to become a doctor or a musician?? Fellow students from Hamburg, Paris or New York who lost my mobile number and are in urgent need of a place to stay in Berlin including a big bowl of pasta followed by a filet of catfish in sage-butter??? Or could it be someone who doesn't know me at all but is studying singing somewhere on the planet and asks him- or herself, if all these successful singers have always been as fortunate as it appears on their websites???

My very straight answer is: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they all pretend to be. Me too!! One sings and practises and fails and hopes, loses and finds again (whatever it is we are searching for) and is tempted to throw in the towel more than once. But then there are these magic moments of singing and forgetting the world around me, in a recording studio, on stage with the head of Jochanaan in my hands or on top of a cliff ready to commit salvation suicide for good old Hollaender's soul!

These are the moments when it becomes so crystal clear: THAT'S WHAT I LOVE, THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!!!!!! Alongside all other living and loving in this lifetime - that's exactly why I'm doing it! Then it seems to be about going on, and going on, and going on, and sooner or later you find what you dreamt about all these years. Anyway, that's how it worked for me. And that's when the fun starts! It's been 5 years now that I've been singing the dramatic soprano-roles. And the crazier the ladies get, the grander the music becomes, the more I finally feel at home.

If it's a sudden engagement with no time to prepare or a 6 week rehearsal period, if I have to work in Deutsch, French, German, Latvian, Russian or Hebrew, concert or opera, contemporary music or romantic composition, I just LOVE singing!! Enough confessions on my part! All further information is contained in the following pages. Enjoy! And don't hesitate to contact me if more details are required. I'm looking forward to it!

Katja Beer.

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